Regarding a recent response by you concerning Haulover Beach
Date: Monday, March 13 @ 04:00:00 UTC
Topic: Nudist Info

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Dear Bubbe,

Regarding a recent response by you concerning Haulover Beach's designated clothing-optional naturist family beach, it is obvious that you don't get the naturist frame of mind.

I was one of the founders of the beach, which has over 1.3 million visitors a year. So I invite you on an escorted tour and to do some interviews.

You will learn it is not about body competition, and that women in a naturist environment have a completely different view of their body parts than the females hanging out at the condo poolside. You really need this conversation.

Thanks for writing (most of the time) a definitely sensible column that is categorically informative on issues other than nude beaches.

Richard Mason,

President, South

Florida Free Beaches

Dear Mr. President,

OK, I'll take you up on your invitation. If you're bare, I won't care. I swear I won't stare. Since the beach is clothing-optional, my mind will be open -- but my zipper stays closed. I may be clueless, but I won't be topless.

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