2,000 Gather for Nude Shoot in Amsterdam
Date: Sunday, June 03 @ 12:51:19 EDT
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2,000 Gather for Nude Shoot in Amsterdam
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Spencer Tunick comes to Amsterdam directly from Iceland where he conducted this installation at the BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art.
Spencer Tunick, NewcastleGateshead 4 (BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art) 2005 2005. C-print mounted between plexi 89.25 x 71 in (226.7 x 180.3 cm). Edition: 1.
Dozens of women posed naked on their bicycles on a bridge over one of Amsterdam's historic canals Sunday — a unique sight even in a city famed for its relaxed attitude toward nudity and sex.

They were among 2,000 men and women who participated in a series of four nude group photos in the city in the early hours of the morning as part of the latest project of U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick.

The first and largest composition was in a decidedly prosaic location: a parking garage on the outer ring of the city.

But what the location lacked in romance, it made up for in style. Participants lined the railings of the garage's twin circular towers, creating a pattern of multicolor stripes against the white building and an overcast sky.

The women on bikes were selected from the larger group and posed with their chins pointed triumphantly upward toward the sky.

Photo: © Volker Hartmann/DDP www.stern.de
Spencer Tunick during the shoot in the Duesseldorfer Germany last year

Photo: © Jörg Carstensen/DPA www.stern.de
The American artist refers to this picture as the Düsseldorfer Quadriennale 06

Other compositions included a group of men posing together near the parking garage and a mixed group of men and women on another bridge.

Tunick, from Brooklyn, N.Y., has become famous for photographing thousands of naked people in public settings worldwide, from London and Vienna to Buenos Aires and Buffalo. He set a record for naked photography with a photo of 18,000 people in the buff in Mexico City last year. 

Photos from Sunday's session were to be exhibited at an Amsterdam club later Sunday.

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