Nude footballers reveal new strip
Date: Sunday, September 17 @ 04:00:00 EDT
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Nude footballers reveal new strip
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Naked footballers on YouTube
The Remax Stadium is accustomed to more conventional games
Six footballers seen on a website playing a naked game in their local stadium have been told by a club chairman to expect a "word in the ear".

The film from Port Talbot's Remax Stadium was on video website YouTube.

Wearing only boots and socks, they pass the ball around before joyfully celebrating a goal with cartwheels.

Port Talbot Town's Andrew Edwards said: "I will ask them what they think they are playing at, but it is a bit of light-hearted fun".

The 47-second clip has already been viewed thousands of times.

We don't condone that sort of thing, and so it's unsurprising they didn't tell us about it
Andrew Edwards, Port Talbot Town

Mr Edwards said he knew the group on first name terms only as supporters of his club or former youth players.

He said he would be "having a word" when he saw them, and the club did not condone the stunt.

"No-one at the club had any knowledge that the video had been taken until the internet clip was brought to my attention," he said.

"I found out slowly who the lads were and they turn out to be local youths from the area.

Naked footballers on YouTube
The clip has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube

"I know a couple of them from seeing them at games - they are supporters. And a few of them have played for the club at youth level.

"To be honest, when I see them I will be having a word in their ear."

Mr Andrews said: "We don't condone that sort of thing, and so it's unsurprising they didn't tell us about it. We have junior teams and we want to be seen as a good family club."

The grainy video describes the group as "Ben, Craig, Ginger, Dano, Dai, Betsy" being filmed by Anthony, shows them walking onto the pitch naked, before they run towards the goal passing the ball.

After one shoots and scores, the men ...

cartwheel and somersault towards the corner flag where they proceed to dance and chant.

The footage was removed from the website on Friday afternoon.

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